Sunday 20 March 2011


I found this amazing work in the current issue of World of Interiors.

Beth Katleman’s sculptures have been described  in the New York Times as "doll-sized rococo theaters of murder and domestic mayhem."  Her installations and porcelain sculptures combine ornament with icons from popular culture.

I am now hoping that someone here in Norway will discover her work soon and bring it to a Gallery  in Oslo.

Folly  2010 appears to be a three-dimensional rendering of traditional Toile de Jouy fabric or wallpaper.  However, on close inspection, the elegant, Asian-inspired pavilions that comprise the landscape of “Folly” are populated with kitschy figures from popular culture. As Katleman explains: “porcelain suggests luxury, refinement and royal provenance. While one flea market treasure seems a little sad, a florid profusion of them is cause for celebration.” The exuberance and refinement of “Folly” are astonishing to behold.
Porcelain, wire, steel rodds and and heat-shrink tubing.
The "repeat" is 69" x 96" x 11".

The overall installation is 192" x 108" x 11".

The installation is to be shown at Pavillion des Arts&Design Paris from March 30th 2011
and can also be seen at Todd Merrills Studio Contemporary


Design Junkie said...

THAT, is fantastical!!

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Eleni Psyllaki said...

Oh, so dreamy.. Excellent work!
xo, Eleni