Friday, 16 March 2012

Karl Lagerfeld as a Photographer

Also making beautiful books with his photography-

Modern Italian Architecture

Casa Malaparte "A house like me" — announced Curzio Malaparte, a poet and egomaniac, describing his villa on Capri. There are only a few buildings in the world which illustrate such antique beauty and mystical charm; Karl Lagerfeld has photographed the most elegiac one.


Kaitlyn said...

your posts are so inspirational like your title!
it is really inspirational spaces :)
I actually went to Karl Lagerfeld's photography exhibition
Check out some photos-. -->
Hope you like it!

shi zhan said...

レイバンは良いですよ!といつもうるさい友達がいる。来月がその友達の誕生日になるので、プレゼントでもしょうと考えている。レイバン RB2140にするか、レイバン RB3025にするかと迷っている。キミならどっちを選ぶのでしょう?

bee removal agoura said...

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